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Bringing forward a collection of home furnishing products that can be afforded by people of all budget groups..
About Us

Barkha International is very much about high quality home furnishing products that are offered at affordable prices. A company started by Mr. Varun Dua in the year 2005 in Panipat, Haryana (India) is making strides in creating products in modern, unique designs. The founder turned his passion into the financially rewarding business. Our company has grown as a reliable Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Bedsheets, Bath Mats, Carpets, Towels, Cushions, Curtains and other furnishing products, by transforming the unique ideas into reality.

Our Success Mantras

Our company is continuously succeeding in all endeavors, and what are helping us in achieving greater heights are:
  • Talent
  • Luck
  • Experimentation
  • Hard work
  • Wise decision-making
  • Making right calls every time
Our company is recognized among many people people who seek something out of the box. While willing to experiment in designs, our people are still rooted to, inspired by and take pride in Indian traditions and culture. Our people are growing and developing as individuals, as well as contributing in the development of the company by working together, being positive and looking forward to a bright future. They understand that the change is constant, and to move forward, it is mandatory to constantly find new ways to improve.

Our Objectives

The objective of our company is to be a top home furnishing products supplier to high-end residential and commercial spaces in the national market. We are working towards increasing the sales and doubling our revenues.

Quality Products At Affordable Prices

We design and develop home furnishing products in-house, using all possible kinds of material and keeping customers needs in mind. Curtains, cushions, bedsheets and other products developed matching the highest quality standards. Our personnel always challenge themselves in making more from less, without making quality compromise. We feel a blend of quality and affordability is essential to reach many people. The products are inspected at the final stage of the production for several parameters. 

What Makes Barkha International Unique?

Our company is creating home furnishing products, that can be purchased by people of any budget bracket. As many as people can afford our products and furnish their homes or offices in their personal style. A broad selection of design, texture and pattern choices also forms the base of our unique selling point.

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